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Top 6 Natural Vegetable Garden Insecticides



Tis’ the season for garden pests eating your vegetable plants. From aphids to tomato bugs, they can eat all the leaves in a week or two if not halted. I’ve already had my first batch of Chinese greens eaten by green crawly caterpillars that matched the leaves making them hard to spot at first. But once I saw the leaves almost gone and droppings all over the plant, I knew it was time to use my natural pesticides.

The first course of action should always be to cut off the part of the plant affected by these bugs, but not always easy or successful as the eggs or larvae are just waiting to hatch. There are a few different recipes that I use that do inhibit the bugs from eating the leaves. Many gardeners don’t want to spray harmful chemicals near their crops so these natural bug repellents are a great choice.

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5 Health Benefits of Fresh Peppermint Tea


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“All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes.” George Orwell, English novelist and journalist, A Nice Cup of Tea

On my kitchen porch I grow many herbs for cooking and teas; but the peppermint seems to love the part sun , and is thriving. Usually I add some to my lemon balm tea but a friend suggested I try all mint tea with honey, and it was fabulous!


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Top 5 Reasons for Buying Used Books



“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” 
― George R.R. Martin

Meandering through the book store is fun and I actually have a bookstore game I play with my spouse; we both spend 15 minutes searching to find a book we would never pick up and read only 4-5 pages of it; then we find a strange topic book and do the same. Then we meet up afterwards to share the trivial knowledge found in a book that we never would have chosen. Book stores can be a place where we also find the book that ‘s a must have; but hold tight to your immediate satisfaction urge and search online for the same book at 75% off. What could be more satisfying then to get the book you really want at  at a fraction of the store cost, try a used book? I actually prefer used books as they have a certain energy about them; if I request a book for a gift it’s prefaced with “used”.

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85 Creative Ways to Save Money !


60amazing ways to save money

Since I recently moved, I was looking for an alternative to the cable or satellite TV service.  After having more than 180 channels before, I realized there still wasn’t anything interesting to me to watch; so I did some research and found a great solution. I purchased a digital TV antennae for about $60.00 with a higher range as I live in a rural community.  My son bought one too and he gets 24 channels living in a small city; but I get 6 channels, living in the middle of nowhere,  which are all the major ones with a local channel also. So my monthly fees for television have been eliminated except I added Netflix for Movies and Hulu for all TV shows. Once I add $35.00 for internet my total monthly bill for anything I should want to watch comes to $55.00. Quite the savings from what most people pay in this country. You will either need a Blue Ray player to get the internet connection to your TV or a smart TV.

That is one way I save money each month and have added many more below. These will allow you to reduce your monthly bills and live a simpler life. This process of reducing monthly output will have you examining your preferences along with the behaviors and patterns of the entire household. Sometimes a sacrifice can give a wonderful reward! Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Rain Barrel



My first year in a house with a well was an eye opening event when frozen trees fell and took the power lines with them; It was during a snow storm a few years ago forcing the electricity to be out for 8 days.   Since we lived in a rural mountain area it took along time for the town to make the repairs. It just happened that my son and his 3 friends also got stuck here on their way to Florida; so with a full house we were stunned to find that the faucets & toilets did not work; as we then realized the well uses electricity for the pump.

For future preparation I saw the need for a rain barrel as it can stay outside during the warmer months, then placed inside the garage for emergencies in the colder months. { Some people empty their rain barrels for the winter but if you empty and clean before the fall, allowing it to fill back up, you can store the rainwater for winter emergencies) This gray water could be used, in the winter months, for cleaning or to flush the toilet by pouring a gallon or it quickly into the toilet. In a true emergency the water could be treated with water purifying drops for drinking or cooking with. {That would have been heavenly during those 8 days of no electricity.}During warmer months it’s a perfect way to water the garden as it’s sealed all around with a screen on top to allow water to enter but not mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. The top of most rain barrels have a place to plant flowers or such on top; mostly for pleasurable visibility.

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Top 10 Ways to Scent Your Home Naturally


In this world of constant hustle & multi-tasking, there are a plethora of products on the market to help you relax at the end of the day. Be careful though of fragrance products that add artificial chemicals into the air such as diffusers with artificial fragrances & scented candles. The chemicals may be pleasant or hide stale cat or dog odors but will get into your lungs and bloodstream immediately.  There are many alternatives to using artificial scented chemical products such as essential oils or herbs.  Diffusing essential oils in the home is referred to as “aromatherapy”. Essential oils have different properties in them to help with  immune boosting, healing, relaxation, headache reduction, nausea and so much more.  Once inhaled they are in your system in as little as 3 seconds. Something to think about when inhaling artificial fragrances contained in scented candles & perfumed diffusers! An additional benefit to misting of essential oils is that they purify the air by removing toxins, harmful microscopic particles, & increase negative ions to substancially inhibit the growth of airborne pathogens. Read more

Top Ten Reasons to Use Baking Soda for its Multi-Purposes

baking soda

While walking through the food store I walked by a homeless woman who I had seen many times there before. She walked slowly past with a cart containing only a few items, which were the same items as other times before. Her cart contained 3 boxes of baking soda only, which prompted me to research this choice of hers.

What I found was amazing! Baking soda has so many uses that if I was trying to spend as little as possible on cleaning and hygiene items, this would be my choice as well.  With a large family I decided to try these uses that are listed below; not only did I save money but loved the natural products. My favorite was the toothpaste, as it is without harmful fluoride. You eventually get past the taste. :} Read more