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Mismatched Socks are Trendy



Let there be conformity where needed, but be creative when you are choosing your socks for the day! Meg Price

When I was a teen I was ridiculed one day for wearing a black sock with a blue one: but it was a fashion no-no back in the day. These days many are seen with mismatched socks as a fashion statement. I myself enjoy the randomness of the look and requested a pair of mismatched socks for the holidays, from a company called Sole Mate, and I love them even at their pricier cost.

It wasn’t until this weekend , when I saw the article on the mismatched sock trend on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, did I realize the extent of this trend.

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Not only is it a unique statement of non- conformity, its also a time saver for that long dreaded chore of sock matching. Many parents are actually relishing in this as it eliminates the lost sock pile: where the matches are long gone, in the black void, where all socks seem to end up. Generations have been mystified by many fashion trends, such as pants below the underwear for boys or wearing socks with flip flops, but this one is actually very crafty. Whether its a print or stripe or animals, it all works for a fun statement of individuality and a non- caring attitude of matching.

So Mix it up and have fun with it!!


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  1. Tessa says:

    Love this post! For some reason my dyer has been eating all of my socks recently. In my last load I lost a thigh high purple one, not sure how I managed that one! Maybe Ill find a mate for it soon, whether it be mismatched or not!

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